Finding Shelter Snuggle Sacks provide a warm fleece cave for your favorite pet to burrow and rest. Each Snuggle Sack is designed with a concealed and removable plastic tubing that holds open the mouth of the pocket for ease of entry. The comfy fleece Snuggle Sacks are colorfully coordinated with a fun exterior pattern to show of your pet’s sense of style. Snuggle Sacks are perfect for dogs, cats, hedgehogs and any other pet who likes to be warm and cozy!

Small: approximately 18″ Long by 19″ Wide at opening
Medium: approximately 25″ Long by 22″ Wide at opening
Large: approximately 32″ Long by 29″ Wide at opening or 27″ Long by 32″Wide at opening

All Snuggle Sacks are made by volunteers and 100% of the profits benefit Finding Shelter animals. Sizes may vary slightly.