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  • red plaid snuffle mat

    Snuffle Mats

    Finding Shelter Snuffle Mats are designed to keep your good boy or girl busy searching for treats you've hidden in the fleece strips. Dogs love the challenge of sniffing and searching for food and these mats keep them busy until everything is found! Mats are made of a flexible plastic base and fleece strip remnants. Please do not leave your dog unattended while they enjoy their snuffle mat. Remove snuffle mat from the floor when not in use. Do not store with other toys. Snuffle mat is not meant to be a chew toy, but rather an interactive way to stimulate your dog's natural instincts. Sizes Small: 12" by 12" base Large: 16" by 14" base
  • Braided Toy
    Our Finding Shelter Boutique braided toys are perfect for a game of catch or tug of war.  Each toy is tightly braided from fleece strips and are enjoyed by even the toughest chewer. Sizing varies but most toys are roughly 6-10 inches. Our most popular color combinations are available, but we offer too many other combinations to post! If you are looking for a special color or just want just to surprise you, simply select the 'Surprise' option and share any notes in your purchase comments.  These toys make a great gift and we'll happily try to match your toy with a snuggle sack or waterproof cratemat!
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